February 03, 2020 at 11:16pm | Mark Sloat CFP

Thinking of selling your home this year? Consider these 4 tips to sell it fast and for maximum profit. Believe it or not, some real estate agents struggle with telling clients to straighten up, de-clutter, and get show ready. It’s not always an easy conversation to have. But if you hire the right agent who is focused on earning you the most amount of money for your home, it will be a conversation you’ll be glad you had!

Offensive odors distract buyers and will derail the sale of your home. If you have pets, kids, or occasionally smoke in your home, splurge on a $100 ozone generator on Amazon and kill those odors once and for all. You, and your buyers will be happy you did! Oh, and when you open the flood gates for showings, be sure to remove all signs of your furry friends. Not all people are cat people...

Repairs & Improvements
Fix the little things. Most buyers will hire a professional home inspector during their due diligence period to ensure the home meets acceptable standards. Proactively getting your home pre-inspected means you can get ahead of the curve and complete the repairs on your terms without time constraints and usually keep a little extra coin in your pocket to boot.

Declutter your home. Rent a mini-storage unit if needed to help your home show better. Buyers tend to equate a messy home as a house with possible problems. Not sure how your home compares to the competition? Have your real estate agent show you a couple nearby homes to get a better idea of how you stack up.

When you’re selling your home, your best chance of cooking up a sale is in the kitchen. For today’s home buyer, the kitchen is typically the most important room in the house. A major overhaul in the kitchen probably doesn’t make sense, but you will want to focus on making sure your kitchen shows the best it can

Not planning on selling your home for a couple of years? Don’t put off the renovation you’ve been dreaming of! Making improvements to your home in the kitchen and bathrooms will pay off in the future. Do your upgrades now and enjoy them for a bit.

Have questions about how to sell your home fast and for top dollar? Let us know! Whether you’re in the market now or not, we are here to help.


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