September 11, 2019 at 2:39pm | Mark Sloat CFP

In this article, we will explain the key differences between “Under Contract Accepting Backups” (UCB) and “Pending” on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service (MLS). MLS is a network agents use to advertise homes for sale in their subscribed region. Pending and UCB are the two most commonly used statuses by agents on MLS when a home goes under contract in Arizona. The two are distinctly different and can impact the home buyers experience and occasionally, seller’s profitability. Roughly only 1 in 10 homes currently UCB or Pending, will be put back on the market for failure to perform by either the buyer or seller.

Nothing is more frustrating than combing through Zillow for hours looking for the “ONE”, only to find out it’s already SOLD! Why are so many homes listed on the big search engines already gone? When a home goes under contract (or ‘sells”) in Arizona, real estate agents have a few statuses to choose from on the Multiple Listing Service, most commonly UCB or Pending. Let us simplify it for you.

Under Contract Accepting Backups (UCB)
  • Active purchase agreement between a buyer and seller
  • Online search engines continueto market the home for sale
  • Seller continues to accumulatedays on market
  • Active purchase agreement between a buyer and seller
  • Online marketing ceaseson Zillow,, & Trulia
  • Seller’s days on market freeze
‘UCB’ Benefits The Real Estate Agent
The benefit of using UCB as a listing agent? More online leads! Since Zillow continues to market the home online, the agent benefits from the opportunity to connect with prospective buyers during the entire escrow period. “That one is under contract, but there is another one right around the corner.” The benefit to the seller? Any other prospective buyer is welcome to submit a backup offer. The downside? Back up offers are rare and days on market are precious. Homes that are under contract are rarely shown by agents because of the high probability of closing with the current buyer. This saves time for both the client and agent.

‘Pending’ Benefits the Seller (and Buyer)
When an agent updates a home’s status from Active to Pending, the home is no longer advertised by the online marketing giants and days on market freeze for the seller. This is important. You’re selling your home and the agent does a fantastic job getting you under contract the first weekend it’s listed. You’re 20 days into escrow and the buyer loses their job cancelling the purchase contract. As a seller, would you prefer to re-list with 24 days on market or 4? The answer is 4. Correct or not, many buyers stigmatize homes with more days on market and statics show, once a home is listed for more than 45 days, it tends to sell for less money in today’s market.

In summary, assigning a ‘Pending’ status benefits home sellers by freezing days on market and reduces confusion for home buyers by reducing the online noise. For this reason, our team of dedicated real estate professionals only utilize the pending status for our clients. If you have a different opinion, please feel free to share in the comments section below. If you have more questions about buying or selling real estate, please feel free to call or text 480.628.8691.



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