September 10, 2019 at 9:27am | Mark Sloat CFP

How many homes did you sell in the past 12 months?
At the time of this article, the Phoenix Metro area had more than 79,000 licensed real estate agents! Many of these agents are part time, with the top 2,000 agents doing the lion’s share of deals. It would be fair to assume the average full-time real estate agent sells between 6 to 8 homes a year in Arizona. Full time agents typically provide a higher level of service and have the necessary skill set to sell your home for top dollar.

How do you vet potential buyers?
Not all buyers are created equal from a financial sense. There are many factors to consider when you get the first offer on your home. Your real estate agent will need to dig below the surface to see just how strong your buyer is to ensure valuable time and energy is not lost during the sale of your home. Is your buyer using an experienced real estate professional? Is their lender a local mortgage provider, or an online bank? How much earnest deposit is being placed in escrows and how big is the additional down payment? Understanding these elements and how they may impact the successful sale of your home is crucial. Beyond just the initial negotiations, your agent should be focus on which buyer will be able to perform according to your purchase contract.
How is the market in my area? 
There is no better question than “How is the market in my area?” to differentiate agents and Real Estate Professionals. Your agent’s response at a minimum should include average days on market and close to list price. If they’re really on top of it, your agent will also be proficient enough to discuss local projects and community developments impacting your home’s value. Knowing what buyers want in your market allows your agent to customize your marketing plan to get maximum value.

Selling your home is a pretty big deal. For many homeowners, this will be one of the largest transactions of their lives. We believe our clients should be confident when buying or selling real estate. If we can answer any questions about your local market, call or text 480-628-8691.


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