November 26, 2019 at 2:15pm | Jennifer Sloat

Anyone shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Crafts this July or August?  Chances are you heard sleigh bells and got distracted with shiny lights.  The holidays start early - and some of us love it!  Others will wait until they feel the time is right.  Overall, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we are consumed with events, tasks, family and the spirit of the season.  Most of us are NOT preparing to sell or buy a home.  Buy why not sell during the holidays?  Here are a eight good reasons to give it a shot.

Low Inventory = Less Competition

Spring is typically a popular home-selling season and the housing market can be overcrowded with options.  If you know anything about supply and demand - this is sometimes a good reason to avoid selling during popular times.

Low inventory can help attract the buyers’ attention...and keep it.  If buyers have a certain timeframe to buy - and like what they see - they will most likely jump at an opportunity. Especially if selection is sparse.

Winter Months = Cozy, Show Ready Homes

Here in AZ, we don’t have to worry about things like shoveling a driveway or de-icing a walk way.  We’re fortunate that Winter in AZ is really a great time to be out and about enjoying the nice weather.  

Selling your home during the holidays will give you an opportunity to show off your home’s cold weather features: like how well the heater works or a beautiful fireplace.  Winter, even more,  the holidays, creates a warm and welcoming environment.  Freshly baked cookies can add a special touch. And, you don’t have to worry about heating up a home when it’s already 115 degrees out!  

Show Ready Homes = Minimal Holiday Decor

A challenge for home sellers can be keeping a tidy and clutter free home while living in it.  Trust us - we only have one child but some days we feel like we have 10.  One of the perks to selling during the holidays is the aspect of keeping the holiday decor to a minimum.  Can this be sad for some folks?  Maybe.  But - the more you put up, the more you have to take down and restore.  And, I don’t know about you -  but that Christmas tree never really fits back in the box it came from.  Minimal holiday decorations give you an opportunity to show off your home’s holiday appeal without overwhelming yourself decorating every nook and corner.

New Parents Might Want to Upgrade

Did you know that September is historically a high birth rate month?  Just do the - 9 month math and you’ll know why.  

Once new moms and dads are settled at home with their new, sweet baby - and all the baby things - they might realize they need more space ...and start browsing around for something new. Your home could be the one they are looking for!

Everyone is Distracted, Except Serious Buyers

The truth is, not everyone who is looking at real estate is going to buy real estate.  Some buyers are just getting a feel for the market for a future move vs. immediate.  Serious buyers won’t hesitate if they see a home they feel is a good fit AND if inventory is low.  Especially if they are working with an experienced agent, who will help them understand to act quickly if there is a desire to make an offer. 

There may be fewer buyers out and about, but they are serious and ready to act.

Year End Bonuses Pay Out

Sometimes people will save for an exotic vacation, that 120” flat screen TV, or a down payment on their dream home.  Corporate bonuses typically share in December or January, giving serious buyers a little extra financial security and the confidence to make home ownership a reality.

There’s also the chance that these buyers are saving to do some home renovation projects on their own and could be really motivated if they see the perfect fixer-upper property.

Corporate Relocation Timing

Your home could be on the market during some of the busier months for corporate relocation (Dec - Feb).  These buyers typically need to move quickly and are out in full force looking for a new home for their families.

Those who are relocating due to careers typically don’t have a lot of leisure time to look and look and look.  They need to get their kids settled into schools, start their new jobs and find something that works for their family.  It’s likely if they see something they like - they’ll act quickly.

Dynamic and Smart Pricing Strategy

Pricing your home to sell is what The Sloat Group can help with.  Our average time on the market during these Winter months is typically 24 days.  Depending on your home’s location, we can work to develop the right marketing mix to showcase your home and get you the most from the transaction.  

Curious about how The Sloat Group can help?  Check out Home Equity Balance  to find out how much your home is worth and connect with one of our top agents today!



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